Dr. Lawrence Gorman

Dr. Lawrence Gorman received his BA in English from Divine Word College, his MA in English from the University of Northern Iowa, and his PhD in English from Northern Illinois University. He has been teaching at East-West University since 1983. He served as Academic Dean from 1986-1991 and as Director of the English Program 1983-20015. He is presently a Professor Emeritus. His specializations include 16th Century and 20th Century English Literature and Contemporary American Literature. He has written articles and given presentations on the role of the teacher and English curriculum, on media ecology, and Don DeLillo’s White Noise. His current interests are the nature of literature and the relation of literature and culture, with a particular interest in what culture requires and how the arts contribute to culture’s development. He is also interested in how literature affects readers and contributes to their growth and development.Contact: larry@eastwest.edu