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Hello and welcome to East-West University.

At East-West we offer certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees in different areas of study. The degree in mathematics is one of them.

East-West is a small university, and this allows for smaller classes and an increase in instructors’ attention to individual students. At the same time, our student population possesses a stimulating international diversity of cultures which provides a social landscape that is expansive and beneficial.

Here at East-West University we are sensitive to our students’ needs socially, academically, and financially. We offer remedial courses in mathematics, as well as supporting programs such as our free math tutoring service, which is available Monday through Thursday. Our student services department is an experienced advising and supportive counseling service to the many students it is proud to serve.

It is important to understand that mathematics serves as the basic language for the physical sciences, and its use is an invaluable tool in areas ranging from business and marketing to engineering. For graduates’ careers in industry or academics, the aim of the mathematics department is to provide a solid foundation for students to acquire jobs that are presently needed and that will be needed in the future. A variety of programs in pure and applied mathematics are available to adequately prepare a student for a successful math related career.

At East-West University, we continually strive to service all the needs of the modern student in the best ways possible. Our goal is to provide a college experience that is memorable and excellent in all academic dimensions. If you have any questions concerning the mathematics degree program, please feel free to contact me at or call (312) 939-0111 EXT. 2207