East-West University

Cinco de Mayo – Tamborazo Ojo de Agua

L Lounge Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Tamborazo Ojo de Agua

By: Tiffany Mendez

On Thursday May 4th from 1-4 pm the L-Lounge held a Cinco De Mayo Celebration. The celebration included food, and a performance by Tamborazo Ojo De Agua. The event was hosted by Omero Siller, a CSA member. The food was donated by La Bahia De Acapulco.

The L-Lounge was decorated and East-West students were lined up to eat authentic mexican food. In regards of the food Siller stated, “The food was donated by La Bahia De Acapulco, it’s a restaurant located here on 47th street Back of the Yards. Basically they donated most of the food.” Streams of red, white, and green were hung up everywhere. Streams that were hand made by Janet Rivera a few years ago. Music was playing and people were conversating. Some professors even stopped by.

The band Tamborazo Ojo De Agua gave a top notch performance and only stopped playing music to enjoy some good Mexican food. When asked why he chose Tamborazo Ojo De Agua to perform at the Cinco De Mayo Celebration Siller said, “I was a promoter before and I used this band because they’re great friends of mine. Not only that they play fairly fairly well. And uhm I also used to get up and I used to sing with them as well. I was a performer before but I don’t know if you noticed when you were there, they were top notch on their music.” Top notch is right that band got everybody up and dancing together in a group.

The atmosphere was loud but festive. East-West students enjoyed some hearty Mexican food: tacos, pico de gallo, and rice. Once students got their fill of food some dancing ensued. It started with 2 students, one of them being Janet Rivera. Then it grew to a group of students dancing in a circle with Dr. Polski dancing her heart out in the center. Janet Rivera was the first student to start dancing, and then more people decided to join. One of these people being Dr. Polski, who happened to be the center of attention in a circle of students.

Omero Siller had the joy of hosting of said event and when asked if he was happy with the outcome he responded with, “Not only did I have the joy but I’m actually the one who did most of the work to get the talent and the speaker here. Uhm Profesora Lopez was my former Spanish teacher that did this endeavor with me at Truman College as well.”

Though the celebration went along quite well, let’s ask the big question: Why is Cinco De Mayo so important? This day is not a day of celebrating independence. It is instead the celebration of Mexico’s victory in the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war. It was an unexpected win and gave people so much pride that we still continue to celebrate it today. When asked personally why he chose to do a Cinco De Mayo celebration Siller answered with, “Cinco De Mayo for me…a lot of people think it’s Mexican Independence Day. I picked Cinco De Mayo because first of all Independence Day in Mexico is September 16th,  and we don’t come into the University September 16th, we’re still off. It was a big turning point in Mexican Independence, so that’s why I picked Cinco De Mayo.”