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 Carolyn N. Stevenson holds an M.A. in Communication, MBA, and Ed.D. with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change. She has over 18 years teaching and administrative experience in higher education. Her current research interests lie in qualitative research, online education, and emerging technology in educational settings. She is a member of review committees for a number of international journals and is actively involved in the American Educational Research Association. Course taught include Introduction to Management, Research in the Liberal Arts, Speech, Social Media, Intercultural Communication, Group Dynamics, Business Communications, Senior Seminar, College Reading, Desktop Publishing, and College Writing.

Her recent publications include Building Online Communities in Higher Education Institutions: Creating Collaborative Experience (with Joanna C. Bauer), Leading across Generations: Issues for Higher Education Administrators Published in: Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education and Promoting Climate Change Awareness through Environmental Education (Anticipated release: March 2015).

Selected course blogs and syllabi:

Social Media in Today’s Workplace  

Research in Liberal Arts

Principles of Management