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Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

program sheet for BSBA

program sheet for BSBA Healthcare

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) offers students a diversified and challenging set of core courses for East-West University students. In addition to traditional courses like Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Digital and Social Media Marketing. Students also take courses in challenging and important areas such as Business Communications, Entrepreneurship, and International Business. These courses offer students a well-rounded background in business and specialization in their area of concentration.

Studies in Business Administration are intended to provide students with a broad base of knowledge in business disciplines, prepare them for career possibilities, provide them with the fundamental skills necessary to participate in a civil society, and provide a foundation for further studies and graduate work.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration requires a minimum of 180 credit hours distributed as follows:

64 credit hours in the University’s general education core courses that should include:

  • 20 credit hours in English and Communications specified as EN151, EN152, EN154, EN166 and HM491
  • 20 credit hours in Mathematics and Natural Science specified as MT153, MT156, MT2221 and two courses in BL, CH,ET or PH
  • 20 credit hours in the Behavioral and Social Sciences and Humanities specified as any EN, HS, HM, IS, PL, PS,SC or SP
  • 4 credit hours in Computer and Information Science, CI101, from which a student may be exempted by examination. 68 credit hours in Business Administration core courses specified as follows: AC101, AC102, AC207, BS101, BS201, BS205, BS210, BS321, BS350, BS441, CI213, EC201, EC202, FN201/FN305, MN201, MR201, and MT 200.

The Business program is as follows:

English and Communication (20 credit hours)

EN151 Rhetoric and Style

EN152 Writing from Sources

EN166 Speech

HM491 Senior Seminar

Mathematics and Science (20 credit hours)

MT155 Intermediate Algebra

MT156 General Education Math

MT221 Fundamentals of Statistics

Behavioral Sciences and Humanities (20 credit hours)

HM279 East-West Signature Course

* Any four courses from EN, FR, HS, HM, IS, PL, PS, SC and SP

Computer and Information Science (4 credit hours)

CI101 Computer Technology and Applications

* CI101 can be waived by placement test Business Administration Courses (92 credit hours) Business Core Courses (68 credit hours)

Business Core Courses (68 credit hours)

AC101 Financial Accounting I

AC102 Financial Accounting II

AC207 Managerial Accounting BS101

Introduction to Business BS201 Entrepreneurship

BS205 Business Communications

BS210 Business Law

BS321 International Business

BS350 Business Ethics

BS441 Strategic Management and Policy

CI213 Microcomputer Spreadsheet

EC201 Principles of Microeconomics

EC202 Principles of Macroeconomics

FN201 Principles of Corporate Finance

MN201 Principles of Management

MR201 Principles of Marketing

MT200 Business Calculus

Area of Concentration (24 credit hours)

Select from the following concentrations:

Accounting and Finance

AC303 Intermediate Accounting I

AC401 Auditing Theory

EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

*  Any three 300-400 level Finance courses

Forensic Studies

AC320 Forensic Accounting

AC330 Criminal Tax Practice and Procedure

AC340 Principles of Fraud Investigation

AC420 Current Topics and Cases in Forensic Accounting

*  Any two 300-400 level AC, BS, MR, EC, FN, MN or CJ courses

General Business

BS421 Current Topics in International Business

EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

MN341 or MN421 Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility or Current Topics in Management

*  Any 300-400 level MR course

** any 300-400 level MN or BS course

***FN302/305 or EN371 or EN373 or EN380 course

International Business

BS421 Current Topics in International Business

EC311 or MR355 Comparative Economic Systems or International Marketing Strategies

EC431 International Economics

EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

EN373 Intercultural Communication

FN341 or EN380 International Finance or Negotiation


EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

MN310 Organization Theory and Development

MN312 Human Resource Management

MN316 Current Issues in Labor and Management Law

*one 300-400 level MN course and EN371 or EN373

Elective Courses 24 credit hours of electives of which 12 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level

Digital and Social Media Marketing

MR31 Public Relations

MR340 Marketing Research

EN371 Social Media in Today’s Workplace

2 MR course and EN 373

Healthcare Administration

HCM200 Introduction to Healthcare Management

HCM310 Accounting and Budgeting in the Healthcare Management Environment

HCM320 Current Issues in Healthcare Management

HM330 Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Issues

HCM340 Healthcare Information Systems

HCM350/MN312 Healthcare Human Resource Management

HCM400 Internship in Healthcare Management

EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

EN373 Intercultural Communication