Business Administration (Catalog)

Purpose The Business and Management division offers a program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration. The BS degree program provides students with a broad base of knowledge in the business disciplines, to prepare them for career possibilities in business-related areas, to provide them with the fundamental skills necessary […]

Special Academic Programs

The Institute of Islamic Studies East-West University’s founding plans envisaged the establishment of an Institute of Islamic Studies in order to promote teaching, research, information dissemination, publications and field services in the area; to integrate Islamic thought in the courses of liberal arts, humanities, and behavioral and social sciences; and to provide an academically credible […]

Electronics Engineering Technology (Catalog)

Purpose The department of Electronics Engineering Technology has been playing a vital role in producing engineers of high caliber. The department offers a program that cater to the challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of electronics engineering such as Analog and Digital Circuits, Digital Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, RF Engineering, Electronics, Industrial Technology, […]

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Catalog)

Purpose The Liberal Arts and Sciences division offers several fields of concentration and an opportunity for studying the relationships among the disciplines. It helps students develop the reading, writing, and thinking skills necessary for success in both academic and professional life. Objectives The Liberal Arts and Sciences are meant to prepare students to examine the […]