BHS Alumni

Antionette Fisher

”Graduating from East West University, was a huge accomplishment. What I have learned in my undergraduate program is why I currently have a 4.0 in my graduate program. The blended courses on History, Social Work, Psychology and Criminal Justice keeps me on top in my course. The Behavioral Science program made me a better professional writer too! I write at least three APA papers a week. I learned how to do this here in this BHS program. Everything you learn in this program, I guarantee you will use in your Graduate program as well as the real world.”

Beverly Lee

"I am pleased and proud to acknowledge that I am an East/West University graduate with, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science. I am also an employee and am honored to give back to current EWU students the aid, assistance, counseling and love, which was so often and so freely given to me. I am a first-generation college graduate and will be forever grateful to EWU for helping me attain that goal. A special thanks to Admissions Counselor Anna Lobanova, whose guidance placed me in the proper program, to Cesar Campos Director of Financial Aid whose pleasant disposition and excellent financial advice was always encouraging and uplifting, to Dr. Farid Muhammad whose zeal for teaching was inexhaustible and unforgettable, and to the Chancellor of East/West, Dr. M. Wasiullah Khan, who so graciously and sincerely allowed me, a student to interview him for a class project! My experience as a student at East/West was totally enlightening and life-changing, thanks to everyone at EWU!

Alberto Ceniceros

“My experience at East-West University has allowed me to achieve more than just an education, it has allowed me to bond with my fellow classmates and teachers. As a Behavioral Science major interacting with different people is important and that is one of the advantages of attending East-West University.The teachers and advisors encourage you to always try your best and they are always willing to help you. There are so many teachers that have inspired me to do my best and I appreciate them always pushing me to do better because they saw potential in me. Because of my hard work and great teachers in the Behavioral Science Department and in other department as well, I will soon graduate and fulfill one of my dreams. Like the Chancellor of East-West, Dr. M. Wasiullah Khan, always says, here at East-West you become a student of the world.”