Liberal Arts

About the Program

Looking for an education that will help you excel professionally wherever your future takes you? The Liberal Arts program at East-West University provides a traditional college education in core academics such as English, mathematics, history, humanities, physics, physical sciences and more. EWU’s Liberal Arts program offers an Associate of Arts degree, helping students will develop the kinds of critical reading, writing and reasoning skills necessary to success on the job and in life.

Featuring small class sizes, supportive instructors and challenging subject areas, our Liberal Arts program strives to give each student the opportunity, and ability, to explore their passions, interests and futures.

Liberal Arts Mission

The Liberal Arts program is committed to giving students the opportunity to explore how the many forces which shape their lives are interrelated. Students will develop the reading, writing and thinking skills necessary to succeed in both professional and personal life.

What are Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is an education based on traditional academic areas of study, from literature and humanities to physical sciences and mathematics. It is the strong foundation of a holistic education, one developed to help students excel in every area of life.

At East-West University, our Liberal Arts program aims to provide quality education to a diverse student body – the kind of education that translates into opportunities for life-long learning and careers in high-growth fields. Our Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree program gives students that foundational education. Graduates can use it as a stepping stone to a wide range of bachelor’s degree opportunities or to pursue a wide range of professional careers.

Liberal Arts Career Opportunities

Today’s job market is very competitive. It takes a degree just to get a foot in the door for many career opportunities. A degree from this program could be the key to pursuing any number of jobs for Liberal Arts majors. The degree tells employers you’re serious about your future, about bringing those analytic and thinking skills to the job. Bottom line, they know they can work with you, train you to excel, because you have proof you know how to learn.

Carl Cooper Director, Behavioral and Social Sciences Program

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