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About the Program

The English and Communications program at East-West University is varied, flexible and dynamic. It combines practical communications with the study of literature and culture. English and Communications majors can later work in the entertainment industry, the field of politics, social media, business, law, management, or any other field that requires clear communication skills, understanding other people, and critical thinking.

In the introductory courses, students learn to listen carefully, to read perceptively, to write professionally, and to speak confidently.

In advanced courses, students learn to see the design of what they read and to design what they write thoughtfully. Students will learn to:

  • See the possibilities of various genres,

  • Understand how cultures affect communication, to appreciate the differing values in visions of human existence, to see the world through the eyes of other people, other cultures, and other time periods

  • Shape arguments to needs of different audiences

  • Design and present documents in print and other media

Students who wish to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications must take 15 classes in their major:

EN213 Persuasion and Research and six other courses in English at the 100-200—level (not counting the freshman composition sequence EN151-152-157, which is part of general education), EN301 Advanced Composition, EN440 Persuasion and Debate, and six other courses at the 300-400-level (total 60 credit hours).

Track academic progress here: https://www.eastwest.edu/media/files/eng-comm-program-sheet-2-b3f5.pdf

14 other courses should be chosen as electives from any other area.

Classes recommended for students interested in communication, media and public relations:

Courses in this area prepare you to effectively use social media, to design and present documents both in print and electronically, to argue persuasively for a variety of audiences in a variety of styles. You can later work in such areas as advertising, marketing, blogging, radio, film, event planning. We recommend that students choose from the following courses:

  1. EN371 Social Media in Today’s Workplace

  2. BS205 Business Communication,

  3. CI105 Web Page Design

  4. CI106 Microcomputer Desktop Presentation

  5. EN155 Introduction to Journalism

  6. EN170 Writing for Digital Media

  7. EN205 Creative Writing

  8. EN214 Persuasion and Public Issues

  9. EN228 Desktop Publishing

  10. EN220 Introduction to Digital Film

  11. EN380 Negotiation

  12. EN370 Group Dynamics and Team building

  13. EN440 Persuasion and Debate

  14. MR201 Principles of Marketing

  15. CP300 and CP301 Cooperative Education I

  16. MR310 Advertising

  17. EN411 Communication Theory

  18. EN412 Media and Society

  19. MR420 Special Topics in Marketing

Classes recommended for students interested in law:

To prepare for law school and law practice, students must learn to interpret complex texts, increase their vocabulary, and create rational and persuasive arguments.

We recommend that students choose from the following courses:

  1. BS210 Business Law

  2. EN205 Creative Writing

  3. EN213 Persuasion and Research

  4. EN214 Logic

  5. EN215 Rhetoric and Public Issues

  6. HM210 Introduction to Philosophy

  7. HM211 Ethics and Society

  8. PL310 Development of Political Thought

  9. EN440 Persuasion and Debate

  10. EN411 Communication Theory

  11. EN412 Media and Society,

  12. EN433 Language and Society

  13. EN260 Applied Grammar

  14. EN301 Advanced Composition

  15. EN341 African-American Literature

  16. EN342 Latin American Fiction

  17. CP300 and CP301 Cooperative Education I

Classes recommended for students interested in writing, literature, poetry:

Literature courses allow you to look at the world through the eyes of other people, other cultures and other time periods; it gives you new perspectives. You will leave the program with a firm grasp of historical and critical principles and with the ability to examine the values of the past and the present. You can become a writer or prepare for graduate school in any profession. If you wish to focus on literature, select from the following:

  1. EN205 Creative Writing

  2. EN210 Introduction to Fiction

  3. EN211 Introduction to Drama

  4. EN212 Introduction to Poetry

  5. EN249 Introduction to Film

  6. EN260 Applied Grammar

  7. EN301 Advanced Composition

  8. EN271 Science Fiction

  9. EN341 African-American Literature

  10. EN342 Latin American Fiction

  11. EN360 Narrative and Horror

  12. EN361 The Role of Romance in Literature

  13. EN362 Mystery and Suspense

  14. EN366 Comedy

English and Communications majors are required to take courses in General Education, including the freshman composition sequence and courses in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, computer information science. (For a more detailed breakdown of General Education, please see the General Education section of the catalog).

Dr. Maria V. Polski Associate Professor

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