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The Computer and Information Science Department offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science. Whether you’re interested in a bachelor’s or an associate degree in computer science, both degree programs put forth a great emphasis on technical and professional education that merges the academic coursework with relevant “hands-on” laboratory experiences. The study of Computer Science is the combination of computation and solving information-based problems in the world by the application of theoretical and practical techniques.

At East-West University, our computer science degree program is dedicated to bridging the gap between academic pursuits and technical competencies required in the business environment. The program provides a wide range of courses to lay the foundation for further studies and graduate work.

Program Objectives

  • Create software applications in a variety of programming languages.
  • Customize applications by using commercial spreadsheets presentation and/or database applications.
  • Develop client or web-based database applications.
  • Develop/design an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) infrastructure to support the increasing needs of business to facilitate critical decision making.
  • Develop a Business Intelligence/Analytics solution to bring business users, data, and reporting to key decision makers.
  • Design distributed processing computer networks including telecommunications and data transmission techniques.
  • Design/implement various security infrastructure in the cyber security field.
  • Design/develop E-commerce infrastructure, web sites and payment systems.
  • Create dynamic animation for digital media and the web.
  • Develop comprehensive projects integrating video and audio technologies, and create complex, realistic video games.

Dr. Injoo Kim Director, Computer and Information Science Program

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