Application Requirements

Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in East-West University. The University is an undergraduate institution located in Chicago, USA. The Academic year consist of three quarters, Fall, winter and spring and we accept admissions and enrollment on a rolling basis to any one of these quarters. After you review the information contained on our web site and you still have a question about the University or the admissions requirement, please email us at, or call us at 312-939-0111.

  • The Admission Requirements

    The following are requirements for all applicants:

    A High school diploma or a GED completion certificate.

    Official high school transcript.

    Official transcript(s) from all accredited college(s) attended.

    The results of the ACT or SAT examinations.

    A completed East-West University Application for Admissions and the non-refundable application fee. The results of the TOEFL (for foreign students only).

  • The Admission Process

    A student applying for admission at East-West University will:

    Interview with a University admissions counselor. Take the University placement tests in English and Mathematics if needed. These tests are administered free of charge. Students with transfer credits from other accredited universities will be assessed on individual basis and may not be required to take the placement test. Submit all other documents as determined by the admissions counselor. Interview with the director of admissions or his designee to secure acceptance.

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