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Syed Omer

I was a student at East-West University in the Department of Electronics Engineering Technology. I had a great experience at the University in general and the Department of Electronics in particular. I was taught electronics theory and labs appropriate to the industry. I am now working full time at AT&T as a senior RF Engineer. I attribute my success to the EET Department. I love the Department and the subjects taught.
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Karina Armendariz

As a graduate student from East-West University I greatly appreciate all the support I received from the Electronics Engineering Technology Department. I am truly grateful for the position I have today at Acuity Brands Lighting. All thanks to the experience and hands on that I received in school. I am prepared to conquer the world. I know I can always rely on my professor and the friendly staff at East-West.
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Atik Kumar

I am a graduate student from East-West University. The knowledge and instructions I received at East-West University allowed me to obtain a career directly in the field of Electronics Engineering because I was taught the latest concepts and technologies. I attended the four year Bachelor Degree program in Electronics Engineering Technology and even prior to completing the programs I was able to obtain a career in Radio Frequency. I truly believe I would have never had the opportunities I have today, if it were not for the thoroughness and guidance of Professor Mirmira at East-West University along with the courses offered through the diverse program. I always value the time I spent here at East-West University and the vision of the institution will serve as guiding light throughout my academic life.
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Arbind Harja

I am one of the former students of East-West University, graduated in 2013 as an Electronic Engineer. While I was in the University, it provided us with scholarships which were an immense help and our electronic department (EET) use to provide us with all the resources for our projects even though there was a limited fund. Electronics department had offered very important and informative courses which is very useful in my career. The head of the department Mr. Mirmira is very encouraging and supportive. My department provided with great resources and recommendation to find a good job. I can proudly say, I’m currently working in a telecommunication field as a Field Engineer and EET department has a big role in it.
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Mande Dioh

Being from Africa, coming to America was very scary and challenging experience. Prior to coming to Chicago, I was a student at a university in Pittsburgh. It was quite a struggle for me. I knew no one and no one ever took the time to assist me in any way, not even my professors, until I came to East-west University. My classes were smaller and there was diversity. I met many different people from all over the world and they were nothing short of being pleasant. As engineering major, I had the best learning experience. Not only is my professor an enthusiastic person but he is always willing to teach and help. I have met many great people here at EWU but none could ever compare to the knowledge I attained through my professor, Mr.Badri Mirmira. I am now working at IBM, as test engineer in Austin, Texas.
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Hardik Pandya

I was lucky for the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at East-West University. I will always be thankful to my program Director Prof. Mirmira for his valuable support and guidance. Today, I work as a Field Engineer in Telecommunication industry. The knowledge gained throughout my education in East-West University is the key factor for my success. The University has a great environment for international students. The institute offers scholarships programs to motivate students to reach their goals.
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