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Alumni Association Initiative

East-West University has created an Alumni Association. Under the Department of Development
and Community Relations, an alumni page on the University’s website. It gives a
brief synopsis of the University Association and the benefits included in being an East-West
Alumni. There is also a form on the website for alumni to update their information so that they
can be included in the association. In addition, contact information on alumni is being updated.
An email to all of University faculty and staff was sent with the alumni contact form in order to
further build a successful association. A number of alumni, many of whom have flourished since
receiving their education at East-West University, have been contacted. An Alumni Association
will encourage alumni to donate their time and talent; celebrate their accomplishments through
University publications and social media; identify and expand the network with other alumni;
promote opportunities for professional development; be involved with University programs and
events; and assist in contributing financially to the University. The University is planning to host

an Alumni Association event this September 14, 2018.

Dear Alumni,

As a former graduate, and current Alumni of East-West University, I am pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to my fellow Alumni on behalf of East-West. We are honored to offer you the chance to join East-West University’s Alumni Association. The East-West Alumni Association includes all graduates from 1983 to present day. The Association exists to maintain the ties forged during your time here at the university, to encourage life-long learning, to support graduate career development, and to give back to today’s students the benefits that our graduates have enjoyed. By signing up to be included in our Association of Alumni you will also gain access to many benefits that only our alumni are allowed. Those benefits include:

  • Career Counseling services
  • Graduate School counseling services
  • Use of our new University library
  • Financial Aid counseling services concerning student finances
  • Use of our on-site gym facilities
  • Your own continuing East-West University e-mail account
  • Notifications of our up-coming events
  • Reduced rates for tickets to our Scholarship and Student Leadership Dinners, as well as other events
  • Invitations to our East-West Perspective Talks
  • Future Alumni Networking and Social events
  • Parking Validation (reduced parking) for our associated Parking Lots
  • 10% off at our on-campus restaurant for Alumni
  • An electronic subscription to our Phantom Press Newspaper
  • Invitations to our Men’s Basketball Team games (The Phantoms)
  • A lifetime East-West University Alumni I.D. Card


As we continue to build our Alumni Association through the support of our outstanding graduates we will be able to continuously add to the benefits that we offer. East-West University is proud to serve our Alumni, and we look forward to maintaining a lifelong relationship with you. I am personally proud to be included in the Alumni Association with you. Please complete the attached form, and return it to us at your earliest convenience. We hope that you have been successful in all your academic and professional endeavors. We look forward to hearing from you, and for your participation in the development of the East-West University Alumni Association.



Ms. Ghada Morrar, Coordinator of the Alumni Association.

Interested In the Alumni Association?

For more info please fill out this contact form and reach out to:

Ms. Ghada Morrar, Coordinator of the Alumni Association.