Admission and Registration Information

Admission Requirements

East-West University welcomes applications for admission from all who are desirous and capable of undertaking college-level education. The University’s programs require seriousness of purpose, high motivation, and emotional maturity.

East-West University has rolling admissions; applications for admission are reviewed and processed all year round. Students can begin their studies at the University either in the fall quarter, which normally starts at the end of September, or the winter quarter, which begins in early January, or the spring quarter, which begins in April, or the summer session which begins in early July.

The following are requirements for all applicants seeking an associate or a bachelor’s degree:

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or G.E.D. program.
  • Official transcript from an accredited high school and/or college.
  • ACT or SAT examination results.

In addition to the above requirements, applicants seeking individual courses should be aware that other requirements might apply depending on the course/program of study. Special consideration will be given to those who may not meet the above requirements on a case-by-case basis.

The Admission Process

A student applying for admission at East- West University must:

  • Submit a completed East-West University application for admission and the non-refundable application fee. Submit a high school diploma or the G.E.D. certificate.
  • Submit official copies of transcripts from all previously attended schools, colleges and universities.
  • Submit completed FERPA form. Submit ACT or SAT test results. Meet with a University admissions counselor.
  • Take the University placement tests in English and mathematics, if applicable. These tests are administered free of charge. Students with at least 12-quarter hours of college level transfer credits or equivalent in English and mathematics with grades of C or better from an accredited institution may be exempted from these tests.

As required by the Illinois Department of Public Heath, full-time students born on or after January 1, 1957, and enrolling or continuing at East-West University must present proof of immunization as described in Illinois Public Act 85-1315, title 77: Public Health, part 694 as amended.

Transfer Students and Credit BExamination

East-West University welcomes students who wish to transfer from other schools, colleges and universities. Applicants must follow the regular admission procedure. Transfer students should contact the admissions office for further details.

EastWest University considers granting transfer credit for the following:

  • College level courses in which a student has earned a C grade or better taken at regionally accredited or state approved institutions of higher learning in the United States.
  • College level courses in which a student has earned college credit and can be applied towards General Education courses.
  • All courses completed at another U.S. accredited institution for an earned associate degree.
  • Foreign transcripts evaluated at the student’s expense by an outside agency designated by the University.
  • Credits from independent study courses approved by the National University Extension Association.
  • Proficiency examinations such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES, or an East-West University proficiency examination in program-specific courses.
  • Military service school courses.
  • Assessment of knowledge gained from experience, independent study, or other non-traditional approaches to education in accordance with the University procedures.

Such transfer credits will be applied to the requirements of a degree program if students complete their residency requirement and the remaining coursework in their major and minor fields of study. Credit for transfer courses completed more than ten years before the time of admission may be denied. No credit for the course work completed at another institution will be accepted if the same or equivalent course is taken at East-West University. Credit hours earned at colleges which operate on a semester basis will be multiplied by 1.5 in order to convert them to quarter hours.

Prior Learning Assessment

East-West University recognizes the growing geographic and career mobility of modern post-industrial society. The University also recognizes that the traditional timetable for higher education is not appropriate for everyone, particularly working adults who may have already acquired relevant, useful, and verifiable competencies from nonacademic experiences — career employment, special training, volunteer work or community service, recreation and travel, military experience, or self-directed study.

To meet the need of such students, the University offers an option for Prior Learning Assessment within each of its existing degree programs. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process through which learners identify areas of learning from their past experiences, demonstrate that learning through appropriate documentation, and submit their materials related to specific course objectives so that they can be assessed and possibly awarded academic credit. PLA will reduce the repetition of relevant, course-related material for learners with prior learning (or with prior degrees). PLA can reduce the time required to earn a degree.

Prior Learning Portfolio Development is a process that East-West University provides for students to document their prior learning. East-West University makes no promises to

prospective students regarding credit for prior learning until this Portfolio evaluation has been conducted. In PLA200, Prior Learning Assessment (a course designed in accordance with the principles established by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning), each student prepares and submits a collection of documents that establish and support a claim that he or she has the particular skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, understandings, achievements, experiences, competencies, training, and certifications that will align with specific EWU course outcomes. The portfolio developed in the PLA200 course should not only describe the relevant experience but should also identify the particular learning outcomes. Students will also offer a critical self-assessment of what college-level learning has been acquired through selected non- traditional experiences.

Once the Prior Learning Portfolio is completed and submitted, faculty evaluators appraise it for the evidence demonstrating that those skills are tied to the outcomes of specific EWU courses. Faculty evaluators who are subject matter experts will determine if the Prior Learning is acceptable for credit.

PLA provides a method to help encourage non-traditional learners to pursue a degree. It can help them make the transition to higher education, permit them to avoid redundant courses that cover what they have already learned, and shorten their time to graduation.

East-West University assesses fees for the evaluation of Prior Learning Assessment

Portfolios based on the evaluation services performed by faculty experts. Quarter credits awarded to students through Prior Learning Assessment are posted to the student’s record after payment of a reduced tuition charge of  $200/quarter credit.


International Students
The University welcomes students from all over the world. Any student who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or its territories will be considered an international student. All international students transferring from another U.S. institution or coming directly from abroad are encouraged to contact the International Student Advisor as soon as they decide to study at East-West University. In addition to the standard requirements, international student applicants must complete the following steps before they are accepted for admission and before a U.S. immigration form I-20 is issued:

  • Submit the East-West University international application for admission with the non-refundable processing fee.
  • Submit a financial affidavit of support from a parent, guardian, sponsor or government agency.
  • Submit original and English translation of official transcripts from secondary school through college level.
  • Submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) results for students from non-English speaking countries. Upon arrival at the University, the students are required to take the University placement tests, unless they can demonstrate TOFEL score of at least 520 (score of 200 on the computer based test) or they are transferring at least 12-quarter hours of college level credit in English with grades of C or better from a U.S. institution.
  • Submit a transfer release form for transferring students to East-West University. Transfer release forms are obtained from the International Student Advisor of East-West University.

International students arriving from abroad should immediately contact the University to arrange for classes and other necessary matters. For additional information, please consult the International Student Advisor. The University will issue an I-20 form upon the receipt of all necessary documents and associated fees. For employment

authorization, the I-20 will be endorsed only after the student completes one full year of study (three quarters). Likewise, a transfer I-20 will be issued only after one full year of study at East-West University.

Honors Program
Acceptance into the program will be based on a composite of grade point average and ACT scores. In addition to the coursework, the Honors program will offer special benefits and activities for its students, such as priority registration, an Honors Webpage, social functions, and internship opportunities. To complete a degree from the Honors program a student must maintain a 3.25 GPA. Students who complete the Honors program will have a special designation on their diplomas as well as their name added to a special honors plaque at the University.

ReEntering Students

Students who interrupt their studies at East- West University for more than one full academic year must complete a readmission form at the Counseling and Student Affairs Office. Such students will be subject to the most current program and degree requirements.

Finances: Tuition and Fee Structure
The tuition and fees listed is applicable for 2016-17 academic year.