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Office Administration

Associate of Applied Science in Office Administration

If you’ve decided to pursue a front-office professional career, East-West University has the degree program, an associate in Office Administration, in Chicago that you need to get off to the right start.

What does office administration involve? Get the whole story with our Associate of Applied Science in Office Administration. From corporate communication skills to a fundamental understanding of the tools, real and virtual, needed to work and contribute in today’s office work environment, you’ll learn it in this program. A mandatory internship is a required part of the curriculum.

From there, you’ll have what you need to enter into the corporate workforce … or take the next step in your education as this program seamlessly articulates into a bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration or English and Communications.


Your office administration program will teach you:

  • Standard professional business communication
  • Use of data, word processing, presentation and desktop publishing software
  • Use of professional multimedia software
  • Use of appropriate social media tools and skills required for telecommunicating careers
  • Corporate and intercultural communication: techniques and practice
  • Business etiquette and ethics

Career Opportunities

From front office jobs to working as part of a virtual team to a position in telecommunications, your office administration degree in Chicago will prepare you for a number of career opportunities, including:

  • Administrative and executive assistants
  • Office managers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Multimedia specialists
  • Corporate communication specialists concentrating in marketing, public relations and advertising

The AAS degree in Office Administration requires a minimum of 92 credit hours distributed as follows:

General Education Core (28 credit hours in the University’s general education core courses which English and Communications (12 credit hours higher than EN150)

Mathematics (4 credit hours higher than MT150)

EN151 Rhetoric and Style

EN152 Writing from Sources

EN166 Speech

Office Administration

Biological or Physical Sciences (4 credit hours)

Humanities (4 credit hours)

Computer and Information Science (4 credit hours)

Cognate or Supporting Fields (16 credit hours)

Major Field of Concentration (40 credit hours)

Electives (8 credit hours)

Select from multimedia or business courses

CI101 Computer Technology and Applications

AC101 Financial Accounting I

BS101 Introduction to Business

MN201 Principles of Management

MR201 Principles of Marketing

BS205 Business Communications

BS350 Business Ethics

CI105 Web Page Design

EN154 Technical Communication

EN228 Desktop Publishing

EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

EN371 Social Media in Today’s Workplace

OA213/CI213 Microcomputer Spreadsheet

OA215/CI214 Microcomputer Database Management

OA240 or CP300 Special Projects in Office Administration or

Cooperative Education I

HM279 East-West Signature Course