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East-West University provides various career services, including internship opportunities (click here for internship forms). If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the FAQs below, please contact Sonja Sims by phone 312-939-0111 ext. 1807, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or meet with her in the West Building, Room 813.

What should I major in? Should I go for an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree? And, will I need graduate school? We have links to two career aptitude questionnaires, which we believe to be among the best available. Taking one (or both) may help you sort through the things you enjoy doing and the skills you most like to use.

Each of these will provide you with a list of occupations that may suit someone with your preferences. Furthermore, they offer detailed information on each occupation, including pay scales, whether the field is growing, some of the employers in that field, and the major and level of education the field requires.


Remember to be as honest as you can when you take these questionnaires. Do not answer what you think you SHOULD like, answer what you really do like.

The Career Key

The Princeton Review Career Quiz

I know what I’m looking for, but where can I find job postings?

But, in the meantime, we post jobs for employers in our Career Library, West Building, Room 814. This facility is available to students and alumni.

We also have various employers visiting our campus through out the year with different levels of employment openings.

The following are useful links for online job seekers

Chicago Tribune Career Builders

The national job banks that follow require you to specify what city and state you’re interested in:

Hirenet job search - Includes EWU’s info and should log you in automatically.

America’s Job Bank


Jist Publishing - Includes free support, job hunting tips and strategies.

Social Service - Includes postings in the social services.


Internships are a great way to get experience. You can start your search for them here or speak with Dr. Carolyn Stevenson at 312-939-0111 ex. 2404. She is the General Internship Coordinator Internship Programs

Okay, I have some jobs I want to apply for, but I need some help creating (or updating or proofreading) my resume and cover letter. AND what if I get a job interview? How should I dress? How can I prepare? What follow-up is appropriate?

For help with your resume, cover letter, reference list, and thank-you note. Try to allow enough time for assistance before the actual time of your interview.

Even if you have already prepared a resume and cover letter, it is crucial that you have a qualified person proofread your documents. Typos in a resume or cover letter can cause your name to be tossed into the recycling box instead of placed on the interview list. Stop by to see us soon!

We also can provide you with a list of interview preparation tips and mock interviews to help you practice.

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