BRICKrhetoric is an online literary and visual arts journal published quarterly in association with East-West University. Established in 2009, BRICKrhetoric features original poetry, prose, artwork and photography with a multicultural and urban focus.  

By sharing our personal experiences through artistic and written reflection, we create a type of synergy in which inspiration and enlightenment fuse; this synthesis, in turn, creates in us a deeper understanding of who we are in relation to those around us; we begin to understand our own identities in relation to the universe, we gain a greater perspective on what it means to be human, and we integrate this new wisdom into our daily lives.
BRICKrehtoric is committed to providing a canvas for emerging and established writers/artists alike to illuminate topics in the humanities for the discovery and enjoyment of its readers.  For more information, or to read past and current issues, please visit:

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