Computer and Information Science


The Computer and Information Science program at East-West University puts forth great emphasis on technical and professional education that merges the academic course work with relevant “hands-on” laboratory experiences.  The study of Computer Science is the combination of computation and solving information-based problems in the world by the application of theoretical and practical techniques.  The study involves well-organized methodologies and skills of programming, scripting languages, algorithms, databases, networking, security and cryptography, computer architecture, operating systems, web information retrieval, artificial intelligence, software techniques, digital media, data warehousing and business intelligence development.


The courses in this program are designed to prepare students with the requisite theoretical, technical and practice knowledge for a professional or technology-related career.


The Computer and Information Science program is dedicated to bridging the gap between academic pursuits and technical competencies required in the business environment.  The program provides a wide range of courses to lay the foundation for further studies and graduate work.



Program Objectives


  • Create software applications in a variety of programming languages.
  • Customize applications by using commercial spreadsheets presentation and/or database applications.
  • Develop client or web-based database applications.
  • Develop/design an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) infrastructure to support the increasing needs of business to facilitate critical decision making.
  • Develop a Business Intelligence/Analytics solution to bring business users, data, and reporting to key decision makers.
  • Design distributed processing computer networks including telecommunications and data transmission techniques.
  • Design/develop E-commerce infrastructure, web sites and payment systems.
  • Create dynamic animation for digital media and the web.
  • Develop comprehensive projects integrating video and audio technologies.
  • Create complex, realistic 3D video games.


The graduate with a B.S. degree in Computer and Information Science can become a:


  • Business Analyst Specialist
    • Employment opportunities are available in the fields of sales, accounting, manufacturing, banking, telecommunications, financing, and education.
  • Web Technology Specialist
    • Employment opportunities include positions in web application development, E-commerce, computer related sales and marketing.
  • Information Systems Analyst
    • Employment opportunities range from planning technical solutions, recommending software and systems, coordinate development projects, and technical specification writing.
  • Digital Media Specialist
    • Employment opportunities include graphic and media training solutions, utilizing video effects/animation, graphic design, video animation, print communication, and advanced flash animation.
  • Software Engineering Specialist
    • Employment opportunities range from software risk analyst, software quality assurance expert, software engineer, and programmer to software architect.
  • Telecommunications Specialist
    • Employment opportunities are available in the areas of network planning, design, development, operation, and maintenance.


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