English and Communications

The English and Communications program at East-West University program is varied and dynamic.   Students are encouraged to see the world through the eyes of other people, other cultures, and other time periods and to compare those responses to their own responses to the world. Students who complete the program learn to see the design of what they read and to design what they write thoughtfully, to understand how history and culture affect communication, to develop a sense of literary and film history and genres, to shape arguments to needs and audiences, to see the possibilities of various genres, and to appreciate the differing values in visions of human existence.


Students interested in literature will have the opportunity to take the World Literature cycle of courses, courses in science fiction, comedy, romance, and suspense in addition to American, British, African-American and Latin American literatures.

Media and Communications

Students interested in media and communications will have the opportunity to take courses in contemporary media, writing and design for multimedia, acquire digital skills, study persuasion, debate, group dynamics, intercultural communication, and take advanced courses in communication theory and media and society.


Students who plan to become teachers of English and/or Humanities receive broad and thorough education in this field and are poised to enter and complete their Masters degrees upon graduating from East-West.  East-West University’s English program may help connect the students with the Chicago public schools where our students can receive work experience.

Hands-on or Theory?

Hands-on classes like creative writing, advanced composition, negotiation and applied grammar hone students’ skills in word choice and structure. 

Other, more theoretical and historical courses allow students to discover alternative worldviews and to re-envision their own place in the world—such classes explore mythologies of the world, the history of the Bible, the history and development of the English language, the relationship between language and the human mind, the relationship between language and society.

Where can English and Communications majors work?

A background in English and Communications prepares students for a number of challenging and rewarding fields including careers in

·         Graduate study in language, literature, communication theory, journalism, management, and teaching

·         The law

·         Teaching professions

·         Editing, journalism, public relations, technical writing and copywriting for advertising agencies

·         Poetry, fiction, and drama

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