Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences (BHS) program at East-West University prepares student for careers and graduate study in a wide range of fields. East-West University BHS graduates have pursued graduate study or rewarding careers in counseling, social work, sociology, criminal justice, government, economics, psychology, education and research.


The Bachelor of Arts degree program guides the student through an interdisciplinary group of courses in Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Computer Science and Research Methodology.


The program demonstrates how applied scientific research aids in understanding and resolving critical social issues. Students majoring in this area will have both the technical ability and the attitude to understand:

• The Global economy and interdependence among all nations

• The artistic, social and scientific contributions of many different cultures

• The role and importance of science and technology in social and human development

• The need to recognize individual human beings as the fundamental focus of all socio-economic and cultural activity

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