Definition: who is an Honors Student

Students who started in the Honors programs as freshmen and maintain their Honors status into Junior and Senior year will be called “Honors Society” and receive special recognition.  Students who transfer into the Honors Program as juniors or seniors will not have this privilege.


Probation/Grace Period
Due to the accelerated demands of Honor’s course curriculum and unaccounted for obstacles in a student’s life, it may not be possible for every student to maintain a 3.5 cGPA for six consecutive terms. For this reason we have seen fit to implement a probation or “grace period” for any student that lets their GPA drop below the 3.5 norm.


The probation will last two terms, and allow students to bring up their cumulative GPA to or above 3.5. On a case-by-case basis grace period may be extended to the third term, if sufficient improvement was shown. This is a period to prove that they are dedicated to being in the Honor’s Program, and to get back on track.


Students who let the cGPA fall below 3.5 a second time will not be included in the Honors Program their next term. They will also be ineligible to join the Honor’s students in the Honor’s Society.

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