Admission to the program

The University opens admission to the Honors program to students in all years of study and all majors, including incoming freshmen.  To be considered, you should:

  • Fit the formula (GPA X 10 + ACT=50 or more) for incoming freshmen or have 3.5. cumulative GPA
  • Fill in the application form
  • Submit a well-written explanation why you desire to be a member of the honors program

The Honors Committee will review all applications and conduct interviews if necessary.

Current East West University students who wish to be considered for admission into the Honors program are encouraged to enroll in at least one Honors class before applying to the Program.

Admissions will be made on a rolling basis. Upon admission you will join an elite group of students and be eligible to study in an intellectually stimulating environment with like-minded students.


Course Work

A series of courses have been adapted for the Honors Program.  You’ll have the exclusive privilege of taking many of your General Education classes as Honors Courses.  These sections are much more challenging than those designed for the average college student.  The program is set up so that you will be able to enroll in up to three Honors Courses for each of your first five quarters.  No matter what major you choose, the Honors Courses will give you the chance to work and learn with other bright students.  Starting at the sophomore level, you will take another three courses in your major for Honors credit.  You will work closely with your advisor to tailor the course to your interests and career needs.   The program culminates in an Honors section of the capstone course, Senior Seminar.  

13 of general education classes can be taken during the freshman and sophomore years, and a Senior Seminar all the Honors students of a given year will take during the fall term of their senior year.

The remaining class slots are open for students to take any class toward their major or a prerequisite not in the Honor’s curriculum. Sophomore students are highly urged to take their remaining classes on the M/W/F schedule to leave Tuesdays and Thursdays open for possible internships.

To meet the requirements for free Honors books after their first year, students can take 6-9 Honors classes.

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