Dr. Maria V. Polski

Associate Professor of English and Communications

Dr. Maria PolskiMaria Polski received her Ph.D. in Linguistics at Moscow Lomonosov University.  At East-West University she teaches Linguistics and Humanities.  Her research interests include theory of culture (the structure, growth and selection of cultural phenomena), communication theory (the structure, growth and accumulation of communication media, and the influence of medium on audience), and introducing the Anglophone scholarly community to the Russian tradition of studying culture and communication.


Language and Mind
Media and Society
Communication Theory
Humanities Signature Course



Yuri Rozhdestvensky.  Introduction to the Study of Culture. Translated by Ismael Biyashev and Maria Polski Chapter 1.
Yuri Rozhdestvensky.  General Language Studies. Translated by Maria Polski. Chapter 1 - Oral Communication. 
Proverbs and folk sayings as the first communication theory.  Talk delivered at ACTC conference, 2007.  
The Law of Non-Destruction and Accumulation of Culture. Talk delivered at M/MLA Conference, 2008
On some issues in the study of technological progress in relation to all aspects of culture. Proceedings of the Russian Engineering Academy, 2012

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