Exciting Courses

All our classes are exciting.  Below are just a few exampes:


Are you looking for a fun summer elective? Or are you looking for a class to enhance your analytical skills?  How about a class to enhance your reading skills and vocabulary?  How about a class that COMBINES ALL THREE? Take the Role of Romance in Literature and Film!  You will read laugh-out-loud comedies and watch intense dramas, all the while practicing pattern recognition and higher level analysis.  Extra credit for a log of new vocabulary! 


 Are you Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, Christian, Hebrew or Zoroastrian?  Then you will find it useful to learn about the origins and structure of canonical texts.  Who wrote the Bible? When? Where? How do we know?  Take Studies in the Bible and learn about the origins of the foundational text of the three Abrahamic faiths.  


Where did we come from? Where are we going? How did we get our language?  Why did Shakespeare and Chaucer use double negatives and why did it not harm them? Where did the word BUTTERFLY come from? (Answer: it used to be “flutterby”).  What do “shirt” and “skirt” have in common?  How are we related to the ancient Indian language Sanskrit?  Learn about medieval battles, colonial expansions, Viking expeditions, King Arthur, King Alfred the Great, ancient Roman soldiers, Celtic druids and lost civilizations – all in History of English!



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