Role Of Electronics Engineers

Electronics Engineers design, develop, analyze, research and manufacture electrical and electronic systems and their component parts. The electronics engineering technology curriculum is concerned with analysis and design of modern electronic systems, devices and signals for a broad range of applications such as wireless or network communication, electrical power and control and multimedia information technology. The field of electronics engineering is currently evolving at a rapid pace since it has a major role in the accelerated growth of the technological world and requires the modern electronics engineer not only to have a sound basis in the fundamental principles but also to have the capacity to learn and assimilate novel advances as soon as they materialize. East-West also offers specialization inComputer Engineering program.


Computer engineers design, develop, analyze, research and manufacture hardware, software and systems that process, store and convey digital information. The diversity of products that involve the design talents of a computer engineer is unlimited. This range from large to small computers to special purpose computing hardware and software embedded within devices and systems. The applications, for example, are in business to organize, process, and communicate data, communications over mobile and satellite networks, digital sound and picture processing for entertainment, household appliances, automotive systems, manufacturing process control, biomedical instrumentation and machine control. The emphasis in computer engineering is on the design of hardware as well as software tools and systems for acquisition, processing, storage, and transmission of data and signals by digital means.

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Job prospects in Electronics

With the advent of microprocessor in early 1970’s, the electronics industry has changed for ever. We utilize electronics in practically everything we do on a daily basis even without realizing. As examples, the morning electronic clock, the Super sonic tooth brush, the hair dryer, the thermostat controlled water heater and furnace, the toaster, the microwave, the music system, the television, the security system, the garage door control, the electronics controlled aerodynamic automobile, the traffic signals, the high frequency high definition radios, cell phones, the elevator in public places, the computer, the video games, and scores of other gadgets involve electronics. With such vast applications, one can easily visualize the role of a qualified engineer and the job opportunities in such a rewarding field of electronics. According to the recent report by Chicago Jobs agencies the number of jobs in electronics related field far exceed the applicants. The following reviews the statistical analysis to get a feel for current trends in the Engineering sector. The graphs represent the change in volume of Engineering job and resume postings within the last several months.

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