I invite you to share in our vision for the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology as we work to emerge as a nationally competitive university.  It is the Departmental goals that comes closer to realization with each passing day, thanks to an enormously talented faculty, a dedicated staff, and a network of enthusiastic technical advisory board from across the state and the nation.

It is a vision that is contingent upon making rapid progress toward our six Departmental goals, namely:

  • Conduct ongoing curriculum development in response to the technical revolution supported by an evolving society,
  • Enhance and maintain a competitive faculty to give leadership to both curriculum development and excellence in teaching,
  • Strive to enhance our current diversity among our faculty, students, and staff,
  • Enable students to gain skills in  a multimedia-learning environment
  • Provide a pattern of student services, ranging from academic advising to placement,
  • Encourage an ethical pattern towards life long learning.


Education should prepare students not only to secure employment, but also to live full and rewarding lives.  This academic website provides an introduction to the rich variety of experiences available to students, thereby enabling them to confront the challenges of a complex and demanding world.


These are exciting times at our University-when we are renewing our commitment to education and celebrating excellence in advising and teaching.  Our goal is to help students pursue their own individual dreams and realize their potential as educated citizens.


We welcome you to our University and encourage you to take advantage of all it has to offer you.



Badrinath Mirmira

Director of Electronics Engineering Technology Program

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