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Biological Sciences

Program Mission:

Consistent with the mission of East West University (EWU), the Biological Sciences Program aims to provide quality education to a diverse student body using wide ranging and experiential classroom interventions. The Program strives to create and maintain a challenging, yet supportive learning environment which facilitates student growth.

Program Description:

The Biological Sciences Program promotes an understanding of life spanning all levels of organizations, starting from atoms, molecules to cells, and organisms to ecosystems.

The program offers a Bachelors of Science in Biology, which provides students with a rigorous background in the field. It prepares them for graduate work, professional and/or research-oriented careers in biology and health sciences. The Biological Sciences Program at East West University is also recognized for the academic proficiency, support and encouragement it provides to students inclined towards the field of Neurotechnology. With the support of the program director, Dr. Karishma Mukherji, East West graduates have been successfully employed, and provided clinical rotations at reputed medical institutions like Ann Lurie Hospital, Loyala University Medical Center and Rush Hospital.

Our program consists of 5 faculty members having a wide spectrum of experience outside of teaching, which enhances the overall academic experience. Students will also have a number of opportunities for learning outside the classroom, including seminars, field visits, internships and opportunities for research.

Learning Outcomes:

The educational objectives of the Biological Sciences Program are to produce graduates who:

1. Demonstrate a mastery of subject area
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of fields and approaches within Biology
3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the relationships among Biology and other fields
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process, analyze data and communicate scientific information
5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the relevant technical skills that are necessary for a successful transition into professional schools, graduate programs, or careers in science
6. Ability to tackle the professional school entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, RN, LPN or VCAT)


Career Opportunities:
The Biological Sciences Program at EWU is designed to prepare students in the areas of:

• Medicine
• Nursing
• Neurotechnology
• Biotechnology
• Nutrition
• Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine
• Pharmacology
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Research